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Ammenthos Yacht Service can offer you all the services you need and require to enjoy a totally relaxing holiday and to make your life and work on board stress-free.
With our opening hours from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and our customer service team, we are able to assist you beyond our office hours and be able to respond to your needs 24 hours a day every day of the week, Sundays included.

Our aim is to take care of you and help you with your tasks on board, as a real team.

express laundry

For your convenience we can provide an express pick-up and delivery service, even to your boat. We come to the port you are in or if you are anchored near the coast we choose the nearest place to meet us.
Our services of laundry include:
  • Interior laundry (bed linen, bathroom linen, fabrics, carpets, sofa covers, curtains, bedspreads, cushion covers and all indoor linen, including carpets)
  • Outdoor laundry (curtains, sofa covers, cushion covers, and all outdoor laundry)
  • Dry cleaning
  • Personal laundry (uniforms and uniforms, shirts, trousers, t-shirts, Bermuda shorts, suits, etc.)
  • Interior and exterior cleaning of boats and homes
  • Steam sanitisation and ozone sanitisation
Our offers:
  • Full laundry service: washing + drying + ironing
  • Laundrette service: washing + drying


Ammenthos Yacht Service is also attentive to the care of your yacht: we can provide you with both interior and exterior cleaning services.
In addition, within our Service Centre we offer at home steam and ozone sanitisation service.
The action of steam, using injection and extraction technology at a temperature of 175° C, enables the thorough removal of stains and bacteria on smooth, porous surfaces and textiles, and causes dirt to dissolve, eliminating or minimising the use of chemicals.
Ozone, a natural gas with a very strong oxidising power, disinfects and sterilises air, water and all surfaces with which it comes into contact. It sanitises the air from bacteria, moulds and viruses, on which it acts by inactivation.
It achieves complete room deodorisation and drives away all types of insects.

Car and scooter hire

At the Ammenthos Service Centre you can rent a car for you and all your staff or a comfortable scooter so that you can move around in total autonomy and comfort and set off to explore our fantastic island.

✔️What are the advantages? Renting a car or scooter offers the convenience of being able to move along the coast more easily and quickly in complete autonomy. You have the possibility of not being bound by time restrictions and of being able to choose the destination of your daily trip yourself. You can visit and get to know in a single day or several days one or more of the beautiful beaches and coves that characterise our region and get to know the villages, towns and centres where much of the night and evening life of the coastal area is concentrated during the summer. All this can be done in total safety on the roads and without time limits, and delivery and release can take place directly at the Marina where you or your guests are staying.
And for the most demanding guests, we have a fleet of vehicles for those seeking class, elegance and comfort of the most prestigious brands. Discover the 'Luxury & Sport' category, fill in the form and we will contact you in a few minutes.

???? Timetable: rentals are for a minimum of 24 hours.

???? Assistance: in case of problems or information, we guarantee assistance and availability during the entire duration of the rental.


The Centro Servizi Ammenthos has been operating for years in the Marina of Portisco in the field of boat rental and leasing. With a large fleet of vehicles and boats that vary in size and engine power, you can depart from the harbour to discover the Costa Smeralda, the Gulf of Marinella, and beyond. Inflatable boats from 5.50 to 8.70 metres are branded 'Mag.nus' and 'BWA' and are excellent in terms of navigation, spaciousness and safety.

food and drink

The food and beverage service offered by Ammenthos Yacht Service is tailor-made for you: we will be happy to bring you the freshest and finest local products directly on board, offering you a wide selection of wines and champagnes, drinks and spirits, and the best quality products for the needs of all your chefs and guests.

For you and your staff ➡️ Ammenthos also has the well-being of you and your staff at heart. That is why our offer also includes the creation and delivery of ad-hoc packet lunches for your staff, ideal during the regatta season and during busy or even relaxing periods when you prefer to dedicate your free time to yourselves and why not avoid cooking on board.
That is why, in cooperation with the EnjoEat Sardinia food and wine shop in the Marina di Portisco, we are able to prepare the meals of your choice and deliver them to you as quickly as possible.


Flowers also have a language with which one can communicate a message. This is why the colour combinations and the mix of fragrances in the compositions must be carefully studied. At the Ammenthos Yacht Service you can request the arrangements you most desire, choose the flowers, vases and accessory decorations, or ask for advice from our team of experts who will be able to advise you on the best solution for your needs.

To decorate your boat tastefully, Ammenthos offers a wide selection of flowers and plants.
Every circumstance calls for the right flower: fill in the form to request information and the flowers best suited to your needs and your customers' tastes.


For all those who like to keep fit even while on holiday, or for you and your staff in your downtime, Ammenthos Yacht Service has a team of personal trainers specialising in various sports activities. Pilates, Yoga, Functional Training, GAG, Circuit Training, Cardio Fitness, Body Fitness, Aquagym or customised sessions tailored just for you.


We at Ammenthos Yacht Service care about the health of our customers. That is why we have HairStylists, Hairdressers and Aestheticians within our services and our team to ensure that you are always impeccable at any time of day, even on holiday, or to find yourself during a break from work.

Doctors and medical care

Ammenthos Yacht Service can provide you with any type of medical assistance you need as quickly as possible. From the most generalist to the specialist directly on board your vessel.


Ammenthos Yacht Service is happy to assist you or your guests with all transfers. Thanks to the high capillarity of our transfer system and our highly trained and professional drivers, we are able to fulfil your request in no time and get you to your destination on time.


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