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Laundry services in Costa Smeralda

Within our Ammenthos Service Center we offer laundry service performed by our trusted, attentive, qualified and competent staff.
We are a dynamic and versatile company and this is one of our competitive advantages: we adapt to the specific needs of our customers, large or small, offering highly personalized services and responding to all your needs.

For your convenience we are able to guarantee the express collection and delivery service, even in your boat. We get to the port where you are or if you are anchored near the coast we choose the closest place to meet.

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Steam sanitation and ozone sanitization

We offer a home service dedicated to homes, boats, commercial premises and accommodation facilities of steam sanitization and ozone sanitization.
The action of the steam, taking advantage of the injection and extraction technology at a temperature of 175 ° C, allows the elimination of stains and bacteria on smooth, porous and fabric surfaces, and causes the dissolution of the dirt, eliminating or minimizing the use of chemicals.
Ozone, natural gas with a very strong oxidizing power, disinfects and sterilizes air, water and all surfaces with which it comes into contact. It sanitizes the air from bacteria, molds and viruses, on which it acts by inactivation.
It allows to obtain the complete deodorization of the rooms and removes all types of insects. 


If you are looking for an express laundry service with collection and delivery at home fill out the form and indicate your needs!